Unlocking the power of cumulative bonus: Supercharge your health insurance for maximum benefits

Given that buying health insurance requires making an informed decision, several factors must be considered. One such factor is the role of a cumulative bonus on your coverage.

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A cumulative bonus represents a perk health insurance companies provide to their clients who refrain from filing claims throughout the policy's duration. This bonus is an extra advantage that grows over time and can be utilised by the policyholder when renewing their policy. It consists of a portion of the sum assured and is appended to the policyholder's coverage without any supplementary charges.


  • Accumulating a cumulative bonus through a no-claim record can enhance your health insurance coverage without additional policy renewal costs.
  • Enjoy reduced premiums, increased financial savings, and potentially double your sum insured with a cumulative bonus.
  • Unlike regular insurance, health insurance premiums remain steady while the insured amount increases, often reaching a maximum of 100% with cumulative no-claim bonuses.

How to increase my health insurance?

Individuals often ask how much health insurance they need. While that is one thing, there are also ways to increase the coverage as an extra benefit. The cumulative bonus offered by health insurance motivates the policyholder to take up behaviours supporting a healthy way of life and avoid situations that might lead to claims.

By avoiding claim submissions, the policyholder can use this bonus to enhance their coverage. The cumulative bonus grants supplementary protection to the policyholder, proving valuable during unforeseen medical crises and health issues.

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Advantages of cumulative bonus

  • Your premium may be reduced, or more funds could be allocated toward your overall coverage.
  • You can make financial savings by obtaining increased coverage without additional costs upon policy renewal.
  • Certain programs allow you to accumulate your cumulative bonus over ten years.
  • In cases where your medical expenses are minimal, you may choose to handle them independently to maximise the cumulative reward.

Should I increase my health insurance?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to increase your health insurance coverage. In regular insurance, the yearly premium decreases, whereas in health insurance, the premium remains steady while the insured amount rises, typically between 5% and 20%.

However, this doesn't imply that health insurance coverage will keep increasing indefinitely without claims. Experts suggest that the cumulative no-claim bonus (NCB) can raise the coverage to a maximum of 100%, potentially doubling the policyholder's sum insured.

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Wrapping up

No-claim bonus or NCB offers certain perks when it comes to health insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to assess all potential benefits before making the decision to purchase health insurance. This decision impacts an individual's well-being and holds significant sway over an entire family's healthcare and lifestyle choices.

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