Health insurance post COVID-19: Do I need to upgrade my plan, what benefits are critical, what are good to have

While COVID-19 has affected the health of millions of people, there are some positive key takeaways from the pandemic. People now realise the significance of health insurance and have either bought it or upgraded their existing cover. They are also adding critical illness cover, top-up, or super top-up covers. The biggest change is that people are going all out to stay healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of people into poverty due to the high cost of treatment. Many people exhausted their entire health insurance cover. People who did not have health insurance had to dip into their emergency funds. Some people had to withdraw money from their investments meant for their financial goals, such as a child's higher education or own retirement. In the worst-case scenario, some people even had to take personal loans to pay the hospitalisation bill.  All this happened primarily because either people did not have health insurance or did not have adequate health insurance. In this article, we will understand how health insurance needs are changing in the post-COVID era. Let us first look at the overall health insurance coverage in India. Overal...


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