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Decoding Inflation [infographic]

How exactly does it work and how does it affect you?

Real estate vs gold [Infographic]

Can't decide whether to invest in real estate vs gold? Here's what you need to know.

The 500-1000 rupee note demonetization decoded in India [Infographic]

Shocked with the sudden news of demonetization and are you confused on what to do, where to use 500 & 1000 rupee note? Don't panic, here is the solution listed by RBI.

Budgeting, Bootstrapping and Bartering tips for startups

Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into a venture? Is the fear of going bankrupt holding you back? Things to know about mastering the start-up formula.


Where do Indians spend money? [infographic]

Are Indians still spending the same way they did 20 years ago? Read on to find out!

Facts and figures to keep you healthy [Infographic]

Our lives have become so fast paced that health gets relegated to somewhere at the back in our list of priorities. To make you realise the importance of taking care of your health, here are some interesting facts.

Medical treatment in India - Can you really afford it? [Infographic]

Still haven't bought health insurance? Here is a close look at the financial burden you are risking if you don't.

Components of your salary and their tax benefits [Infographic]

Structuring the salary, including tax efficient components is what employers should look at to maximise the take home of their employees

What does it cost to educate your child in India [Infographic]

Education is a gift we all want to give our children, but as it gets costlier every year, it becomes more and more essential to plan our financial from the start to ensure that we can afford to send them to quality institutions.

Financial planning before important milestones: Childbirth [Infographic]

The birth of a child is an extremely happy event. To make sure that nothing comes in the way of this happiness, it’s essential you plan out your finances well before the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Things you didn't know about tax savings [Infographic]

Beyond Life Insurance, ELSS and PPF, here are 5 extremely lucrative ways tax payers can reduce their tax liabilities.

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