Insurance Basics

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Who is an insurance intermediary?

Who is an insurance intermediary? They act as a bridge between the end customer and the insurance provider.

Tips to make claim settlement easy for your beneficiaries

Claim settlement might seem like the responsibility of the insurance company; however policyholders can also do their part to simplify matters.

Here are answers for some of the most common ULIP Queries

Thinking of investing in ULIPs? Here are some of the most commonly asked ULIP questions answered by experts.

Unhappy with your insurance policy? Here are your options

It is far better to cancel the policy that does not meet your needs than to be under an illusion of being insured and be at sea if and when an unfortunate event strikes. Here’s how policy holders can take control of their insurance policies.

Beyond life and health insurance: get insured against disability

From fracturing your foot playing football to undergoing a harrowing amputation, accident-caused disability isn’t a one-in-a-million occurrence. With daily newspapers teeming with accident news, it’s better to be financially prepared for an unforeseen mishap than face financial impotency.

Are you smarter than your insurance agent?

While it is good to trust your insurance agent, you shouldn't do so blindly. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of insurance so you too can be responsible for your finances.

All You Need to Know About Reinsurance

What is Reinsurance and where in the Insurance Industry it fits in? Know all about it.

Indian Insurance Pie: Buyers vote for health plans, better deals and technology

With Indian markets set to touch $220 billion by 2020, Health Insurance has become the toast of investors.