Insurance Basics

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All You Need to Know About Reinsurance

What is Reinsurance and where in the Insurance Industry it fits in? Know all about it.

Group Insurance Schemes: How does it benefit employees and employers?

Today, group insurance has become an essential part of the employee benefits package. Study this in detail to know how this works as a big incentive for employees.

Know all about your rights and duties while buying insurance

Insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance company. Often, policyholders fail to make the most of their insurance plans, as they are unaware about the fine print in the policy document.

5 signs your agent is lying to you (and what to do if they are)

All insurance policies are available to everyone (subject to underwriting decisions). There are no special policies, so if you’re being told you’re being given preference, don’t take it at its face value.

Best Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens in 2022

The onset of old age brings with it a variety of ailments that are costly to treat and care for. Various insurance firms offer health insurance for senior citizens aged 65 and above. Customers' medical bills are easily covered through these health insurance plans.

Who is an insurance intermediary?

Who is an insurance intermediary? They act as a bridge between the end customer and the insurance provider.

Add an extra feature to your policy by opting for a ‘Rider’

Riders are useful optional add-ons that give your policy an extra edge. ‘Riders’ in a financial context actually means an optional insurance linked benefit, purchased separately at an additional premium.

The Importance of Insurance

You may think you don't need insurance but you do! Read on to find out why