5 Odd insurance covers you won’t believe exist in India

Do you have a valuable possession you always wanted to insure but weren’t sure if it was possible to do so? After reading about these 5 strange insurances being availed in India, you’ll have your answer.

5 Odd insurance covers you won’t believe exist in India

Insurance has become imperative in today’s day and age. It shares and lessens the anxiety you have about things that are valuable to you- your life, your health, your car, your home, and your children’s career. 
Since no two people are the same, there are certain things that some people hold close to their hearts, even though others may not care about them as much. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that these people have got these valued assets of theirs insured. Certain things among them are so odd, we couldn’t help but want to tell you about it.  Several people, for instance, get insured against things as bizarre as abduction by aliens and zombie attacks. 
Closer home, though people might not be insuring themselves against imaginary entities, there is no dearth of insurance covers Indians take for the oddest of things. Here is a list of the five strangest types of insurance cases being availed in India. 

1)    Body part insurance 

While the West has celebs like Madonna and Kylie Minogue who get their assets insured, Bollywood has celebrities like Mallika Sherawat and Minissha Lamba who reportedly bought millions worth of insurance for their assets. Body Part insurance has takers among men too, with actor John Abraham reportedly getting his butt insured. Even sports stars are no stranger to this trend. Sania Mirza has already got her hands insured while boxer turned actor Vijender Singh once stated similar intentions. However, the one name on this list that will certainly crack you up is Rakhi Sawant, who reportedly wanted to get a full body insurance. 

2)    Voice insurance 

Lata Mangeshkar is one of the greatest singers India has ever seen. Since music is like worship to her, she does her riyaaz without fail even at the age of 85, which is why it is no wonder that her voice is still as melodious and sweet as it was decades ago. Yet, the nightingale did not take any risks and got her voice insured. Another important celeb to have his voice insured is none other than our Thalaiva Rajnikanth. He even has a copyright for it!

3)    Pet insurance 

We love our pets like we love our family. We pamper them the way we would pamper a younger sibling or child. It is no surprise, thus, that an increasing number of pet owners are opting to insure their pets. Pet insurance policies come with different kinds of riders and claims, and owners often buy them for one or the other reason, which varies from seemingly selfish ones like getting money to replace the dead or lost pet with a new one, to some smart ones like being covered for the money spent on medical aid, in case your pet bites your neighbour.

4)    Wedding insurance 

Now what could be riskier than a wedding? It is an event that comes with a lot of warnings that people seldom heed. One of the major reasons for this is money. Weddings in our country are costly affairs. You need to find ways to minimise your losses in case a wedding is cancelled or postponed due to an unforeseen circumstance. It is, however, necessary to add here that most wedding insurance policies in India do not cover weddings cancelled due to a change of mind, or on account of either the bride or the groom getting kidnapped.

5)    Kaun Banega Crorepati insurance 

If you thought the makers of India’s favourite game show gave away crores in prize money just because they were altruistic, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Kaun Banega Crorepati, much like the show it is adapted from- Who Wants to be a Millionaire, has its expenditure on prize money covered under insurance. So whenever a Sushil Kumar wins Rs 5 crore, it is not the producers who bleed their hearts out while giving away the cheque, but the show’s insurance agency that cries copious amounts of tears over the money they will have to later give to the producers.

So are you also starting to think of a valuable possession of yours that you might want to protect under insurance? Don’t worry, you can now go ahead with finding the right policy to cover it without any fear of being judged. However odd the insurance might be, you can be sure of not being the only one buying it.


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