Travel insurance: Policies & Coverage for COVID-19

Read on to find out all about travel insurance updates.

What’s new in travel insurance after the COVID-19 pandemic

With most countries relaxing travel restrictions in 2021, the world seemed to be returning to normal, but with the appearance of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, things are again in disarray. While some governments have prohibited foreigners from entering, others have imposed conditions such as quarantine and many rounds of testing.

Some nations, such as Singapore, have made it mandatory for tourists to obtain a COVID-19 travel insurance plan. There’s also a requirement for a minimum amount of coverage. For instance, Singapore has mandated a minimum coverage of $30,000 to meet COVID-related medical care and hospitalisation. France and Germany require a minimum of €30,000 by way of coverage.

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Securing your travel with a COVID cover

According to travel insurance latest news, COVID-19 is covered by all travel insurance policies under accident and sickness medical reimbursement. This will defray COVID-related hospital charges. All COVID variations are included, including Omicron. Travel insurance cover may not be offered for particular destinations, as we observed last year during the peak of the pandemic.

Cancellation coverage

As the possibilities of a flight being cancelled are higher these days, travellers should get the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) add-on when purchasing travel insurance 2022. Also, make use of the flight cancellation and lodging benefits whenever possible.

As per travel insurance updates, travel plans can be cancelled for reasons outside those listed as ‘covered reasons’ in a policy, thereby providing the insured with greater flexibility and freedom when making travel reservations. This is only available as an add-on with comprehensive insurance if the insured meets specified criteria.

For instance, you may want to cancel a vacation you had planned because new quarantine restrictions took effect after you made your reservations, and you don't want to be stuck in a hotel. Even if the reason for cancellation is not specified in the policy, you will be covered if you purchase a CFAR add-on.

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What to consider before you buy travel insurance?

  • Length of the trip: It is necessary to plan well when purchasing travel or trip insurance. Remember, to purchase the best international travel insurance policy, you must evaluate the length of your trip.
  • Distance travelled: Based on the duration of your flights and the distance you will travel, you should customise your travel insurance. As the distance increases, the cost and coverage of the foreign travel insurance you purchase will also increase.
  • Planned activities: The finest affordable travel insurance coverage is also determined by how you intend to spend your vacation. If you participate in high-intensity, high-risk adventure sports, your overseas travel insurance policy may have coverage limitations.

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  • Additional destinations and side trips: Overseas travel insurance policies unique to a certain location are usually absolute. Many people have taken this fact for granted in the past, purchasing location-specific international travel insurance and domestic travel insurance and then going on to visit neighbouring nations.
  • Medical issues: This is a crucial factor to keep in mind when looking for the best budget travel insurance in India. Apart from the places you plan to visit, your health is an important consideration when travelling abroad.


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