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Employees to pay 20% TDS if they don’t provide PAN, Aadhaar…

The existing provision regarding higher TDS deduction in case of non-declaration of PAN is now amended. CBDT includes Aadhaar as an alternate declaration option.

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IRDAI: Non-Life insurers can offer Arogya Sanjeevani Policy…

The insurance regulator had earlier mandated non-life insurance providers to offer the standard health insurance policy from April 1, 2020, onward.

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Your guide to understanding capital gains in India [Part 1]

If you are planning to sell that old house your parents left you, you will be taxed.

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Your guide to understanding capital gains in India [Part 2]

If you own agricultural land in the countryside, you can sell it and not be charged capital gains tax.

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All you need to know about the uniform stamp duty on share t…

Stamp duty will also be applicable to off-market transactions, which were previously not subject to the same.

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Avoid these 8 scams when travelling abroad

Unscrupulous elements exist in every major city of the world, looking for gullible tourists to con. Don’t be a victim.

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Health insurance policies to become standardised and easier…

With this move, IRDAI aims to bring in uniformity and greater transparency to insurance contracts

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Use of audio-visual medium for KYC given green signal by RBI

KYC process is bound to change with the approval of audio-visual KYC by the RBI, both for customers and financial institutions

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Cardholders can enable, disable cards for online use: RBI

If you are a cardholder, you will get to exercise greater control over your credit and debit cards. Find out how.

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Consumers can give e-mandate for recurring payments via UPI:…

Recurring payments to help users pay bills, subscriptions and even invest in SIPs

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