Financial Planning

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8 Scenarios when you need to consider revising your will

Here are the situations where you should update your will so that your assets are divided as per your wish.

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How to transfer a large amount of money to India?

We take you through the various means to transfer a large amount of money from the US to India, listing the four best options.

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9 Essential Vitamins to lead a healthy financial life

Find out how you can take care of all facets of financial planning with an exhaustive approach.

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Simple yet effective low-cost branding strategies for online…

If you are looking to build your brand without spending a lot of money, try these innovative branding ideas.

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6 Effective formulas to help you with wealth creation

It can seem daunting to start your wealth creation journey. However, there are myriad formulas that can help you through the process. No one formula can do the trick, but a unique blend based on your objectives and profile can help you structure your approach. This article summarises some of the effective formulas that can take you closer to your goals.

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50 Books that will help you take control of your finances

If you’re planning to take control of your finances, you must read these 50 books.

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NEFT, IMPS, RTGS: Which mode should you choose to transfer y…

Find out the differences between NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS and when you should use each of them.

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8 Financial tips every newlywed must follow

For many couples, a partner’s debt liability remains a secret. However, financial incompatibility is one of the major reasons for divorce. Avoid confrontation by communicating freely and putting everything on the table. Look at your portfolio individually as well as collectively, and execute plans jointly. This piece breaks down the post-marriage numbers game and explains how you can regain control.

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Can saving just Rs 5000 a month make you a crorepati?

Millennials make up 34% of the Indian population and they are more money-savvy than the previous generation. Becoming a millionaire is frequently on their bucket list. Many novice investors think that minimal savings won’t make a big difference. This piece will crunch some numbers to show how starting with a small amount can lead to big savings over time.

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Features and benefits of different types of bank accounts in…

Having different types of bank accounts can help you achieve different financial goals. Here’s how.

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