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Income Tax Returns: Who should file them and when?

Filing income tax returns is a must for any responsible citizen earning an income. Here’s what you should know about when to file tax returns and who has to file income tax return.

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Professional Tax: Everything you must know about it

Do you know what Professional Tax is? Your salary slip may be a Professional Tax deduction every month. Here’s why.

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Dummy’s guide to Form 16

If you are a salaried individual paying tax, Form 16 is an important document, provided by your employer for the previous financial year.

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Pre-filled Income Tax Returns to be a reality soon

Massive changes are underway for the way tax returns have been filed till date. It is the era of pre-filled tax returns.

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How much do you know about new tax regulations? Take this qu…

Take this short quiz to see how well versed are you with the new tax regulations.

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A dummy's guide to Form 26AS

Form 26AS is one of the most important documents for taxpayers. Here's everything you need to know about its different sections to filing returns with the form.

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Understanding Advance Tax: Are you liable?

Advance tax is a part of tax payable before the end of the financial year. In other words, tax paid in the same year in which you receive your income. This piece will tell you everything you need to know about advance tax

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Why tax planning alone won't make you rich?

While it is important that you invest in tax-saving schemes; but do not look at these as mere tax-saving schemes.

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Types of ITR Forms that every taxpayer should know about

If you’re a taxpayer, you must learn about these nine types of ITR Forms

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Smart ways couples can save on income tax

Looking for tax exemptions that couples can avail? Read this to know more.

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