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GST rates set to increase as council eyes major revamp

The GST rate hikes may affect revenue collections and statutory compensations. Its impact on inflation remains to be seen.

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CGST Rules for Unique Quantity Code

Heard of UQC under GST? Wondered what it is? Here is everything you need to know

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GST rate cut on 20 to 25 products as government looks to rev…

Here is a summary of the recommendations made by the council, all of which will be implemented starting October 1, 2019

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Government leveraging data analytics to catch tax evaders

Government leveraging data analytics to catch tax evaders

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Getting married: Before GST vs After GST

Planning on getting hitched? Here's how GST can affect your wedding expenditure.

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GST rate cut: Here’s everything that will get cheaper.

The GST Council has reduced tax rates on over 50 items. Here's is a complete list of what becomes cheaper

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How does GST impact your wallet?

Deemed as the biggest tax reform, what does GST have in store for your finances?

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