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8 Ways to prevent COVID-19 from dampening the festive mood

The best time of the year is here. While 2020 has indeed been challenging, check out these ways to leave your worries behind and embrace the festive spirit.

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5 Precautionary Steps to take when using an ATM

While withdrawing money from an ATM, you must take certain safety measures to ward off the deadly coronavirus

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Essentials for every home first aid kit

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you need to have in your first aid kit at home.

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Safecity Founder & CEO- Elsa Marie D’Silva discusses wom…

While attempting to increase sexual harassment awareness, Elsa Marie D’Silva is changing lives in India and several other countries.

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Adventure Sports Enthusiasts: Read This Before Taking that a…

Adventure Sports are becoming popular, but before you head out for that trip you may want to consider insuring yourself.

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