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Know how to maximise your HRA benefits and save tax on rent

Find out how you can save taxes on rent paid through HRA, even if HRA is not included in your salary structure.

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Home loan and HRA: Can tax benefits be claimed on both?

A taxpayer living in a rented accommodation and who is repaying a home loan can claim tax benefit on both.

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How to claim HRA exemption while staying with parents or rel…

How to deal with the dilemma of comfortably living in your family home while claiming HRA exemption

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Home loan vs HRA: Which offers higher tax savings?

This is how you can avail of tax benefits under HRA and home loan for the purpose of tax saving.

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What you must know about HRA to ensure it is not rejected

HRA is a popular way for salaried individuals to save on taxes. But there are certain dos and don’ts you must ensure to prevent your HRA exemption from being rejected

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HRA: Everything you need to know about it

The government offers salaried individuals many ways to reduce their tax burden. HRA is one, and it applies to all those who live on rent.

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