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SEBI relaxes IPO norms to ease LIC’s IPO roll out

A smooth IPO roll out is on the cards for LIC as SEBI relaxes IPO norms and the government proposes amendments in the LIC Act.

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Demat accounts to now have unique client code: SEBI

SEBI’s recent circular instructing the mapping of UCC and demat account can go a long way in reconciling client details in trading and removing inconsistencies.

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SEBI relaxes overseas share transfer norms

SEBI has made it easier for foreign residents to transfer shares to their immediate relatives in India by relaxing the documentation requirements.

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How the new proposal from SEBI could impact your Mutual Fund…

India’s Security and Exchange Board’s (SEBI) is proposing to cut the current number of mutual fund schemes available to investors. Here’s what you need to know.

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