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How to smartly manage your OTT subscriptions

Too many OTT subscriptions? Follow these tips to consolidate your channels and save money.

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Investing on a budget: How to invest with a monthly salary…

With a monthly income below Rs 50,000 and sundry financial responsibilities weighing you down, it can be increasingly difficult to set aside money to invest. Most people focus on increasing their income than on making their existing income work for them.

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How inflation will impact your expenses 5 years down the lin…

What will the economic situation be five years from now? Brace yourself! Here’s how inflation can adversely impact your future expenses.

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How to regain control of your expenses during a pandemic?

Uncertain income flow, possible layoffs, and pay cuts have upended household finances. It’s hard to airbrush reality; there is a clear need for immediate damage control that involves a relook at everything from savings to investments to routine shopping to impulse buys. Here are some practical tips that can help you steer your finances through choppy waters.

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Expenditure on travel abroad for education and leisure up by…

There was a total outflow of US$1.5 billion in May, an increase of 60% year-on-year

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Here's why Mumbaikars pay the highest price for petrol

Ever wondered how petrol prices are determined and why they vary in different states? Here’s the low-down, with Mumbai as an example

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5 Easy ways to reduce your monthly expenses

Want to cut back on additional expenses and improve your savings? Read this

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