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Fresh COVID relief of Rs 6.29 lakh crore announced by Financ…

The new economic relief package addresses the needs of sectors and areas that are most affected by the second wave of COVID-19.

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Budget 2020: What’s in it for taxpayers?

Union Budget 2020 proposals on Income Tax includes a new personal tax regime and reduced tax rates

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Income tax changes made in Union Budget 2020

How does the personal tax new regime pan out and how are you going to save your taxes by opting for it?

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Key highlights of Budget 2020

With cuts to personal tax, the Finance Ministry aims to simplify the tax regime and provide relief to the middle and lower-middle-class households

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Budget 2020: Sector-wise allocations

Here’s a look at Central Government’s budgetary allocation for various sectors for 2020-21

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Pre-filled Income Tax Returns to be a reality soon

Massive changes are underway for the way tax returns have been filed till date. It is the era of pre-filled tax returns.

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Vote-on-account: What you need to know?

It is necessary to keep aside adequate funds for the government to run the administration, which is done through a way of vote on account.

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Budget 2018 proposes major advances in the healthcare sector…

Budget 2018 aims to make healthcare more affordable to India's poor through new health insurance scheme and more medical centres.

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