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Tax saving investments deadline extended till June 30 for FY…

The taxpayers can complete their tax-saving exercise till June 30. Read to understand what this means to you.

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What you need to know about Form 12BB?

Salaried employees with taxable income must know about Form 12BB and the declarations that can be made in it

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How is dividend income taxed?

Confused about the tax implications of your dividend income? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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e-Filing “Lite” Version Launched for Tax Payers

Find out more about the newly launched “Lite” version of the e-filing application in the Income Tax Department’s e-filing web portal

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Here is what you must know about the changes in Form 16

Central Board of Direct Taxes has made changes to Part B of Form 16 to make compliance easier.

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What documents to keep ready while filing your ITR?

The documents and information that you need to keep handy while filing your Income Tax Return, all in one place.

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Haven't verified your tax returns? Here's how you…

With the extended deadlined for filing ITR, taxpayers get an extra time to very their returns while uploading. Here's how you can do the same.

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5 Tax filing mistakes that can get you a tax notice

Do you know that even the smallest mistakes while filing your taxes can result in a tax notice? Here are 5 errors you must avoid at all costs:

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