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The Big Question: How does Big Tech make its billions?

In the sales manual of these top companies, you are the customer as well as the product.

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40 Ways to earn money the smart way

Earning money is not as tough as you think. Here are 40 simple ways to make some money with negligible effort.

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4 Ways to set up a new income stream

Having a second source of income is no longer a cushy backup plan; it’s the need of the hour. Here’s how to action it.

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How Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit Impact the Economy?

For the welfare of its citizens and for the purpose of meeting various expenses, governments across countries incurs a lot of expenditure. While there are various types of deficits, the most important types of deficit are Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit. On one hand, Revenue Deficit is the extra amount spent as revenue expenditure by the government as compared to its total revenue receipts while on the other hand Fiscal Deficit is the excess amount of total expenditure (Capital + Revenue) incurred as compared to its total receipts (Capital + Revenue). This premium article intends to simplify these two types of deficit and portray how Fiscal Deficit acts as the most crucial macroeconomic indicator of a nation's economic well-being.

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