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Gold trend over 20 years: How to become a smart gold buyer

While all asset classes were marred by volatility in 2020, gold provided the much-needed sparkle in an investor’s portfolio. Gold has consistently delivered stellar returns, with its price increasing by almost 10 times in the last 20 years. This article discusses how gold has a universal appeal, and is a great hedge against inflation and volatility. It makes a strong case why every robust portfolio needs the sheen of gold, whether in the form of bars and coins, or via digital channels such as ETFs and gold mutual funds.

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What makes a better wedding gift – gold jewellery or gold bo…

When considering giving gold as a wedding gift, here are some factors one must keep in mind.

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Here's how you can hold gold in demat form just like eq…

Global crisis like COVID-19 emphasise on the need for gold in your investment portfolio - you should ideally have 10%–15% of your portfolio in gold. To capitalise on the benefits of gold as an investment, investing in digital gold trumps physical gold. Through this premium article, we explore why this is so and take a look at various ways of investing in digital gold such as ETFs, gold savings funds, and Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB). By discussing the taxation of different gold products and critically going over their pros and cons, you will be able to make strategic investment decisions.

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What is the difference between gold ETFs and FOFs?

Not sure if you should be investing in Gold ETFs or choose Gold FoFs instead? Choose wisely with this piece which compares both the options.

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