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Understanding property tax in India

Know about property tax in India and the tax calculation methods used by various state governments. Some important points that the citizens should know in order to follow the procedures and avoid penalties.

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Property Tax Waiver for Mumbaikars

Not paying property tax can land you in trouble. It's an offence and translates to breaking the law set by government authorities, bringing some legal consequences.

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Buying an under-construction property? Here’s what you need…

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying an under-construction property.

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What are the legal implications of buying a property jointly…

In joint properties, there is undivided interest giving equal rights to all co-owners over the property. Joint property ownership can be based on joint tenancy, tenancy in entirety, or tenancy in common. We will discuss each of these in detail and which one you should consider based on your need.

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5 Popular ways to transfer your immovable property

There are various methods of acquiring ownership of immovable property in India. This article features five ways to achieve this.

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