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Worried about your financial goals due to the pandemic? Here…

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the economy descend into a downward spiral. Amidst the scramble, millennials were amongst the first to be hit by job losses, pay cuts and halted business operations. This piece explores how millennials can come out of this spiral in a structured and disciplined manner; by building a comprehensive financial plan to meet their financial goals and be prepared for future exigencies.

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8 Financial lessons the COVID-19 pandemic taught us

Millennials may just have had the toughest year of their lives, but it has also taught them some valuable financial lessons.

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2021 and financial planning: Lessons to adopt, mistakes to l…

The combination of key financial lessons from the pandemic year and mistakes to leave behind will offer you lasting value for a financially safe and secure 2021.

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FAQs about coronavirus insurance settlement

Read on to clear all your doubts about the Corona Kavach insurance plan.

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How I made money during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020

Manan Vyas, a financial expert, narrates his story on how he took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and how he turned this crisis into an opportunity. It also explores how he strategically invested in stocks and other investment options to stay afloat. He offers tips on what the future holds and how one can make money going ahead.

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8 Ways to manage your wealth and recover from the COVID-19 c…

Here are some methods that can help you cope with the financial fallouts of COVID-19.

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How to prepare yourself financially during a pandemic

The novel coronavirus is now a global concern. Here are some things to follow to be financially prepared in these trying times.

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Aftermath of COVID-19: Which sectors will struggle, which wo…

As growth figures sink to an all-time low, questions arise over what lies ahead for the various sectors.

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The impact of COVID-19 on Diwali: What's good and what…

Muted market activity was seen for the most part of this year but that’s giving way to hope, with store fronts lighting up for the festive season. However, it’s been a mixed bag. Here’s a look at how various sectors are faring in the festive season, as the unlocked markets witness a shakeout driven by the aftermath of the pandemic.

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8 Ways to prevent COVID-19 from dampening the festive mood

The best time of the year is here. While 2020 has indeed been challenging, check out these ways to leave your worries behind and embrace the festive spirit.

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