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What animal mirrors your stock trading personality?

Which animal trait typifies your investing style? Read this article to find out

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How to identify stocks for intraday trading?

We list the IPO companies that got the highest subscription, their listing gains, current gains, and brief analysis of performance.

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How to do options trading in Zerodha, ICICI Direct, Sharekh…

Understand how to buy and sell options with examples and screenshots in Zerodha, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Upstox, and others.

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Gold trading strategies for short-term and long-term traders

If you are a short-term gold trader, you should focus on the gold seasonal pattern, and if you are a long-term gold trader, you should focus on the level of US Treasury rates.

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Buy the dip: What does it really mean in trading?

A correction in the index or a fall in the share price of a fundamentally good stock may be classified as a dip. Buying the dip may give good returns to investors in the long run.

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Top 6 most traded currencies across the world

Find out which are the top 6 most traded currencies of the world and the reason for their popularity.

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NFTs: What are they? Why are some NFTs worth millions?

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are a way to represent anything unique, inter-changeable, or irreplaceable. These are currently taking the digital work of art and collectibles by storm, whose authenticity or originality can be verified by blockchain representation of digital artwork.

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Stock options trading: What every stock investor should know…

Derivatives trading can be done through futures and options. Futures trading requires high capital and involves high risk, whereas options buying requires limited capital and entails limited risk.

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Trading vs investing: Understand what works for you

Smart investors leverage both trading and investing by holding separate portfolios – one to generate profit and another to create wealth.

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3 Investment products that are considered illegal in India

Know about illegal investment avenues and how you can pick safe investments with high returns in India.

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