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Section 80EEA: All you need to know about deduction for inte…

Maximise your tax benefits on home loan interest payments up to to Rs 3.5 lakh a year by ensuring eligibility for Section 80EEA.

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How to maximise tax benefits under a joint home loan?

Households can save over Rs 7 lakh per annum from tax benefits awarded on joint home loans.

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To pay off an outstanding loan or to invest? Resolve the dil…

If you have an outstanding debt, should you prioritise paying that off or use the funds at hand to invest to secure your future? While the answer may seem simple, it is not so. You may be conditioned to first repay your debt, but there is merit in continuing your loan, and giving preference to investments. This article explores various factors to consider when faced with such a dilemma. It highlights aspects such as tax benefits of loans, credit score, as well as loan interest vs expected returns. Furthermore, it talks about which loans you should choose to repay and how to invest to make your money work for you. Read on and make an informed decision.

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Home loan and HRA: Can tax benefits be claimed on both?

A taxpayer living in a rented accommodation and who is repaying a home loan can claim tax benefit on both.

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Is reverse mortgage a viable option for senior citizens?

Aimed at senior citizens with a residential property but no financial income, a reverse mortgage comes with caveats attached.

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5 Important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a ho…

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before you can reach a conclusive decision on buying a house.

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5 Things you must know about home loan tax incentives

Home buyers can reduce their annual tax liability by Rs 4 lakh each year if they maximise various tax deductions.

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Can having other loans affect your ability to buy a home?

If the lending bank thinks you have too many debts to handle or they are being mismanaged, your home loan application may get rejected.

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Home loan vs HRA: Which offers higher tax savings?

This is how you can avail of tax benefits under HRA and home loan for the purpose of tax saving.

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9 Important documents you will need while buying a house

Process and documentation when buying a house

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