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Is it worth spending money on repairs before you sell your h…

Is it worth shelling out money and time for repairs or should you sell your house in its present condition? This is often a debatable matter for sellers.

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Could GST make your dream home a reality?

What impact will GST have on new homes? Are potential home buyers in for a treat? Here’s what the one-tax regime will bring with it

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5 reasons to go for home loan refinance

Here we take a look at five most common and compelling reasons for home loan refinance

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Best cities in India to settle in after the pandemic

Some factors to consider and five relatively safe cities you can move to if you wish to get away from the chaos.

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Selling your house? Avoid these mistakes to get a better dea…

Here’s how to sell your house profitably by avoiding some common mistakes

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FM announces measures to boost the housing sector

Learn all about the recent announcements made by the Finance Minister which is expected to lift the housing sector.

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8 RERA rules that can come to the rescue of home buyers

Real estate developers can’t take their customers for granted anymore. Here’s how RERA gives more power to ordinary home buyers:

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What's in Store for Housing Societies now that GST is H…

GST may benefit potential property buyers, but current housing society members will not see similar advantages. Here’s why…

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Home buying mistakes to avoid [gifographic]

Think you know everything about buying your dream house ? Check out some of these common mistakes that you need to avoid.

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