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Financial problems malaria brings along with it

Malaria costs Rs 11,640 crore annually to Indians. It is high time we do something about it.

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How to switch from group health to individual health insuran…

Think your group health plan isn't good enough? Port your existing plan for one tailored for you!

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The number of TB cases in India is rising every year. How sa…

40% of India’s one billion-plus population is feared to be infected with TB: Read this to understand issues related to the disease and precautionary measures that must be taken

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World Tuberculosis Day:What's the financial burden that…

India's fight against the scourge of TB is a mixed bag. While India has pledged to eradicate the disease by 2025, and has brought 63 lakh TB patients under a WHO-recommended treatment, the cost of treatment offers a major challenge. Here's how India's battle against TB is shaping up

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9 Value-added benefits offered by your health insurance plan…

Your health insurance may offer a range of value-added benefits, but you may be not aware of the same. Have a look at those benefits and optimise your health plan offers.

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Here's why your life insurance is expected to get cheap…

Improved life expectancy will bring down life insurance cost, while court interventions are expected to play a role in increasing rate of health insurance

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Mis-selling of life, health insurance top consumer complaint…

According to the report a bulk of the complaints has been registered in respect of mis-selling of insurance policies by intermediaries. Read this to know more...

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How to judge a life insurance agent?

Is your insurance agent good enough?

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Terminal illness benefit

A terminal illness is a rapidly advancing and incurable medical condition. When diagnosed with a terminal illness, there is no option but to resort to palliative care because the victim has a lowered life expectancy.

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Live in a polluted city? Here’s how much that can cost you

Pollution is on the rise in India, specifically in metros like Delhi and Bombay. Read on to find out how it will affect your health.

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