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Millennials and real estate: Top city choices in India

Demand for housing has risen as home ownership gains top priority among new-age millennials.

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4 Alternatives to fixed deposits that give senior citizens a…

To benefit from above-average returns, senior citizens must diversify their investments. Here’s why.

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New Fund Offer (NFO) All you need to know about this first-t…

NFOs can be a secure investment for investors. Read on to know why.

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SIP vs Lumpsum Which one is right for you to invest in mutua…

SIP or lump sum? Learn which is a better approach to investing in a mutual fund scheme

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Should investors consider RailTel’s IPO after IRFC’s weak li…

After IRFC’s weak listing, here’s what investors should look for before investing in RailTel’s IPO.

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Types of returns: Absolute Return, Rolling Return, IRR, XIRR…

Know about the various types of returns used to measure the performance of investments.

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Crude oil stocks: Are they a good type of investment?

Investment in oil stocks can be highly profitable if you get the basics right and follow crude oil prices closely.

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SBI discloses IPO plans for its mutual fund unit

SBI may choose the IPO route for yet another of its entities, SBI Mutual Fund, which is expected to raise massive capital for the company

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7 Smart financial moves to make before you turn 30

As you hit the 30-year milestone in life, it’s time to get serious about money matters and make certain financial moves that focus on building wealth.

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What’s the difference between property sale agreement, sale…

A detailed explanation of the differences between property sale agreement, sale deed, and property mutation.

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