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How to smartly manage your OTT subscriptions

Too many OTT subscriptions? Follow these tips to consolidate your channels and save money.

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Floating rate savings bonds: What makes them attractive for…

The newly launched floating rate savings bonds are a good investment vehicle for senior citizens or retirees falling in the low income-tax bracket.

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Regular plan or direct plan: Which mutual fund option is bes…

A small fee can get you professional advice and safeguard you against uninformed decisions while investing in mutual funds.

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What is F&O in stocks and indices?

Futures and options are derivative trading for hedgers, speculators, and arbitrageurs who manage risk and make a speculative profit by trading in stocks and commodities in share markets and commodity exchanges

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How do I claim money from small saving schemes?

If an investor with a small savings scheme such as PPF, NSC, or post office monthly income scheme (MIS) passes away prematurely, their family member/nominee can withdraw the investment.

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Exit process is now made easier for e-NPS subscribers

ew avenue of NPS exit opens up for e-NPS subscribers with the latest PFRDA circular.

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8 Ways to manage your wealth and recover from the COVID-19 c…

Here are some methods that can help you cope with the financial fallouts of COVID-19.

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Why do “I” need life insurance?

Is insurance important for everyone? How do you choose the best option for yourself? Here’s what you need to know when buying your first life insurance policy

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Simple ways in which you can diversify your financial portfo…

As an investor, diversification, when done sensibly, helps you balance out risk and optimize returns. Here are some useful tips on diversifying your financial portfolio across assets.

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How to invest in direct mutual funds?

Making mutual fund investments via a ‘direct plan’ allows you to save on commission and increases your investible value.

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