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4 Alternatives to fixed deposits that give senior citizens a…

To benefit from above-average returns, senior citizens must diversify their investments. Here’s why.

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Types of retirement account: Which one is best for you?

Consider opting for one of these retirement plans to ensure a comfortable retired life.

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7 Investment plans for senior citizens that offer high inte…

A look at safe saving and investment instruments for senior citizens that promise healthy returns.

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9 Essential Vitamins to lead a healthy financial life

Find out how you can take care of all facets of financial planning with an exhaustive approach.

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Can saving just Rs 5000 a month make you a crorepati?

Millennials make up 34% of the Indian population and they are more money-savvy than the previous generation. Becoming a millionaire is frequently on their bucket list. Many novice investors think that minimal savings won’t make a big difference. This piece will crunch some numbers to show how starting with a small amount can lead to big savings over time.

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How to smartly manage your OTT subscriptions

Too many OTT subscriptions? Follow these tips to consolidate your channels and save money.

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Floating rate savings bonds: What makes them attractive for…

The newly launched floating rate savings bonds are a good investment vehicle for senior citizens or retirees falling in the low income-tax bracket.

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Regular plan or direct plan: Which mutual fund option is bes…

A small fee can get you professional advice and safeguard you against uninformed decisions while investing in mutual funds.

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What is F&O in stocks and indices?

Futures and options are derivative trading for hedgers, speculators, and arbitrageurs who manage risk and make a speculative profit by trading in stocks and commodities in share markets and commodity exchanges

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How do I claim money from small saving schemes?

If an investor with a small savings scheme such as PPF, NSC, or post office monthly income scheme (MIS) passes away prematurely, their family member/nominee can withdraw the investment.

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