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Life insurance types simplified

Broadly speaking, there are only two types of life insurance policies – ones that offer only a death benefit (Term insurance) and others that offer death + maturity or investment benefit (e.g. Endowment Plans or Unit Liked Insurance Plans).

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Why should you avail life insurance?

At times when household budgets are spread thin, investing a part of your hard-earned money towardslife insurance might seem unnecessary.

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5 Reasons why millennials are staying away from term insuran…

Despite the financial power millennials have, only 17% of them have bought a term insurance plan.

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Easy ways to buy a term life insurance policy

Worried about your family in case of an unfortunate demise? Set a little money aside every month and cover your family financially.

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4 Reasons to extend your term cover beyond the age of 65

Pick a term plan that works for you, not one with the standard age bracket that advisors and brokers try to sell you.

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Ronak knows the difference between term insurance and life i…

Find out how term insurance is different from traditional life insurance even though both are types of life insurance

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Do not make the same mistakes I did by ignoring term plans

If you give any of the mention excuses, you might be inviting a trouble in yours and your loved one's life. Read and take a smart decision of buying a term plan to create a shield around you and your family

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4 Reasons why you need health insurance during Diwali

Here's why you need a suitable health insurance plan to safeguard yourself from financial exigencies this Diwali.

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Here is how buying term insurance online helps in achieving…

Buying a term plan online is a wise decision and here's why!

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Easy ways to buy a term life insurance policy

Want to buy a term insurance policy? Here are a few ways to go about it

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