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Should You Exit ULIP Plan Once The Lock-In Period Ends?

The first of the two parts is the one where the money is collected for your life cover. You invest the other part in any fund you choose, and it covers the investment part. It is an excellent investment option as you get the opportunity to invest in debt, equity, or a combination of both. It all depends on the appetite for risk that you possess. It is a cover for you and your family as well.

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Taxability of ULIPs: Understanding the new norms

ULIPs are a blend of insurance and investment in the stock market. It is crucial to understand the taxability angle before investing in these instruments.

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An introduction to ULIPs

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is an insurance product that combines life cover as well as investment.

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Life insurance types simplified

Broadly speaking, there are only two types of life insurance policies – ones that offer only a death benefit (Term insurance) and others that offer death + maturity or investment benefit (e.g. Endowment Plans or Unit Liked Insurance Plans).

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ULIPs demystified

The ‘ULIPs are costly’ belief is primarily a result of the high premium allocation and fund management charges that ULIPs charged in 2008. Everything you need to know about the product.

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Everything you need to know about ULIPs (Part 2)

With many different types of ULIPs available in the market, it is important to make sure that you invest in one that meets your investment goals and your insurance needs.

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Here are answers for some of the most common ULIP Queries

Thinking of investing in ULIPs? Here are some of the most commonly asked ULIP questions answered by experts.

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Everything that you need to know about ULIPs (Part 1)

A handy guide explaining everything related to ULIPs.

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ULIPs: 8 Charges you must know before investing

ULIPs are an excellent investment choice and it’s important to thoroughly understand ULIP charges before making any investment in ULIPs

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How and why to monitor your ULIPs after purchase

A ULIP is a long term investment that can yield high returns for investors, down the line. However, it is essential to monitor the performance of ULIPs throughout the term of the policy.

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