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Do not make the same mistakes I did by ignoring term plans

If you give any of the mention excuses, you might be inviting a trouble in yours and your loved one's life. Read and take a smart decision of buying a term plan to create a shield around you and your family

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Term vs whole life insurance

You’ve decided to provide financial security for your family and subscribe to a life insurance policy, but are stuck in the age-old debate – Term or Whole Life insurance?

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How to choose the right term for your Term Plan

Term insurance is preferred over other insurance plans because it provides a life cover for just as long as you need.

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How much does a term cover of Rs. 1 crore cost?

How much does Rs. 1 crore term insurance cost, why the age of the insured matters and what are the factors that decide the premium

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Different types of term insurance plans

Here's a one-minute guide to understanding different types of term insurance plan

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Indians are under-insured and don’t know it!

A prominent survey revealed that 95% of Indians are under-insured. Are you one of them?

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