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5 Key changes in income tax rules

This year’s Union Budget has changed some tax rules that may impact your finances. Here are five important tax changes that you should be aware of:

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Real Estate deals by non-residents under the tax net

IT department will be focusing on non-residents' real-estate deals, especially in relation to sale of property and international transaction in the current financial year. Read more about this

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How is taxable income calculated?

Here''s why that amount gets deducted from your salary before it hits your bank account!

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7 benefits of Aadhaar Card

There is more to this simple but significant document. Here is how it makes your life easy.

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Small businesses: Taxation 101

Like everyone else, even small businesses must pay taxes. However, they are also entitled to various tax benefits. Here’s what you must know.

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Things you didn't know about tax savings

Beyond Life Insurance, ELSS and PPF, here are 5 extremely lucrative ways tax payers can reduce their tax liabilities.

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IT Department sends warning against making benami transactio…

The IT department is all set to end the “Benami” game and has asked people refrain from making Benami transactions

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Gifts and Taxes: how much does it cost to make someone happy…

Receiving or inheriting a gift from loved ones can be extremely rewarding, so it’s best you know if they can be taxed

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What are tax-free bonds and how they work

Let's see what these bonds are and how they work.

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Tax deductions you must have if you work from home

Like salaried professionals, those who work from home must also pay tax. They are also entitled to various tax deductions.

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Will reduced GST on real estate impact the home prices?

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