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How tax loss harvesting helps you check your capital gains t…

Tax loss harvesting is a strategy that investors are legally allowed to adopt to reduce their tax liability from selling an investment at a loss, and using this capital loss to offset any taxable capital gains made on equity.

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Enjoy tax exemptions as an angel investor and while enjoying…

Angel investors in India who fund startup ideas can avail of tax benefits under various sections of the Income Tax Act.

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How much tax do you pay on dividend income from shares?

Dividend income is taxed differently for resident and non-resident shareholders.

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What you need to know about taxes on sales of shares?

When investing in stocks, the right tax strategy can make a huge difference to your overall gains.

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Do you need to pay tax on compensation received for land acq…

Let's understand the tax liability on land acquired by the government and how capital gains on land is computed.

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New TDS/TCS Rules in India from July 1; here's how you…

Have you recently received a communication from your bank or organisation mentioning they will deduct TDS at a higher rate from 1 July 2021? This article will discuss how to identify whether Section 206AB applies to you, and how you can avoid paying higher TDS.

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All you need to know about TCS on foreign remittance

Learn everything about tax collected at source (TCS) on foreign remittances.

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Financial dates that will matter to you in 2021

Here’s a handy list of all the major financial deadlines in 2021 that can save you from taxes and penalties and earn you subsidies.

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Real Estate deals by non-residents under the tax net

IT department will be focusing on non-residents' real-estate deals, especially in relation to sale of property and international transaction in the current financial year. Read more about this

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Taxpayers mandated to share details of each mutual fund, sto…

While filing ITR, a new ruling has made it compulsory to file Schedule 112A that lists information of every sale or redemption of listed equity shares and equity mutual funds

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