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10 Easy tips to reduce your auto insurance premium

The changes in auto insurance guidelines could mean higher premiums. Here’s how you can keep your insurance costs under control.

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Third party motor insurance rates to remain unchanged this f…

IRDAI keeps third-party motor insurance premiums remain unchanged in 2019. See what it means to you.

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Third party motor insurance premium to be market driven by 2…

IRDA no longer a party to third party insurance premium from 2021. Here's everything you need to know about

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Things to keep in mind before buying pre-owned cars

The second hand car market in India is growing fast but is still in its nascent stages. As a buyer, there are some essential documents you must ensure you have in your possession before you drive off with your newly purchased pre-owned car.

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Give your car some added protection with these insurance add…

With rising maintenance cost for cars, opt for these add-ons that will enhance your basic car insurance policy.

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What is Road Side Assistance and why do you need it?

If only you had Road Side Assistance. You’d have gotten immediate and prompt assistance for any and all mechanical, electrical, and logistical issues that arose, and would have gotten to work on time, safe and sound.

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All You Need to Know About Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

One of the seven major car insurance riders every car owner must know is the zero depreciation cover as it can ensure higher compensation in case of damage

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Just bought a new car? Here’s what you need to do next!

If you’ve just bought a new car or are thinking of getting one, there are some important formalities you must complete.

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6 Motor Insurance terms you must know before you claim

So many car insurance terms and conditions to peruse, so many policy papers to pry apart! If only there was some sort of insurance dictionary you could refer to every time you came across a word or term you didn’t know… Well, now there is.

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All you need to know about Third Party Liability in car insu…

Third party insurance is a must have insurance cover for protecting you from third party liability in case of road accidents, and it is also compulsory under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. A small premium can go a long way in protecting your family and ensuring compliance with the law.

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