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What is the vehicle scrappage policy and how does it affect…

Organised scrapping of old vehicles in India is finally here. Find out when and how to bid adieu to your old car.

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Planning to buy an electric car? How is the insurance differ…

How to opt for the best car insurance for your electric car? Is it similar to a regular plan or different?

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Renewing your motor insurance? Here are some new rules you m…

A PUC certificate is now mandatory while buying or renewing motor insurance, and multi-year third-party insurance policies have been scrapped.

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4 Reasons why you should not claim small amounts for your c…

Sometimes, putting in a claim for auto insurance will not be a good idea, especially for small amounts. We tell you why.

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Is PAYU for you? Usage-based motor insurance is finally her…

It is now possible to buy motor insurance and pay the premium only as per your vehicle use.

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Check out for these details while buying a car insurance pol…

Planning to buy car insurance? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

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E-challans and vehicle document: Do you know these new moto…

You can leave your documents at home and lawfully use a mobile phone while driving, thanks to these traffic rule changes.

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Types of motor insurance policies you should know about

Super excited about buying your dream car? Don’t forget to back it up with the right insurance. Here’s what you need to know about the types of motor insurance policies available in India.

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How to save money while renewing motor insurance

What if we told you that you can save money where you never expected- while renewing your motor insurance?

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Common car insurance myths and misconceptions busted

Getting car insurance is a cumbersome process, car insurance only covers accidents and other such myths debunked

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