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How to save money while renewing motor insurance

What if we told you that you can save money where you never expected- while renewing your motor insurance?

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Checklist for Buying/Selling a second hand car

Planning for a second-hand car? Here is an important second-hand car buying checklist

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What is IDV and Why Insured Declared Value is Important?

Before you buy a car insurance policy, it’s important to know exactly how its premium is calculated. Understanding the IDV is the first step in doing so.

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All You Need to Know About Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Zero depreciation car insurance is one of the seven major car insurance riders every car owner must know to comprehensively cover for any car damage.

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6 Motor Insurance terms you must know before you claim

So many car insurance terms and conditions to peruse, so many policy papers to pry apart! If only there was some sort of insurance dictionary you could refer to… Well, now there is.

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Check out for these details while buying a car insurance pol…

Planning to buy car insurance? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

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All you need to know about zero depreciation car insurance

Zero depreciation cover helps you protect yourself from paying high costs at the time of claim settlement. Here's what you must know

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Planning to buy a car insurance? Look for these details befo…

Are you planning to buy a car insurance soon? The chart shown below enlists all the important details you should know before buying a policy.

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Give your car some added protection with these insurance add…

With rising maintenance cost for cars, opt for these add-ons that will enhance your basic car insurance policy.

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Steps to make your car buying process easier

So you’ve decided to buy a new car. Congratulations! But before you rush to the nearest dealer, it’s important to set your expectations and requirements. Only then can you zero in on a specific brand or model.

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