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Top 5 car insurance companies with claim settlement ratio ab…

Claim settlement ratio is the number of claims settled by an insurance company for every 100 claims received in that year. We explore the top 5 car insurance companies with the highest CSR.

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Planning to buy an electric car? How is the insurance differ…

How to opt for the best car insurance for your electric car? Is it similar to a regular plan or different?

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Check out for these details while buying a car insurance pol…

Planning to buy car insurance? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

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How to save money while renewing motor insurance

What if we told you that you can save money where you never expected- while renewing your motor insurance?

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Common car insurance myths and misconceptions busted

Getting car insurance is a cumbersome process, car insurance only covers accidents and other such myths debunked

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How increasing and decreasing IDV can impact you?

A quick guide on the impact of increasing and decreasing IDV on your motor insurance premium?

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Own a car? Here are 10 changes IRDAI has in store for you in…

Some recommendations from IRDAI that will affect your car’s insurance policy.

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Alarming rise in the sale of fake motor policies

If an agent is offering you a significant discount on motor insurance and add-on cover, it would bid well to cross-check the agent's credentials with the insurance provider.

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Understanding the benefits of 7 major car insurance riders

Buying a car insurance policy? Make sure you ask about these 7 riders and include the ones you feel are suitable for your needs

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Comparing car insurance - how to choose the right policy?

Choosing the perfect car insurance policy is an important decision every car owner must make based on detailed research. Here’s how to go about it.

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