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4 Things you didn’t know about your two-wheeler insurance

Bikes and scooters are one of the most popular modes of transport in India and there’s definitely more to buying a two-wheeler than evaluating its design and mileage.

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All you need to know about single premium life insurance

Want to get over with buying an insurance policy at one go because you have some money lying idle? A single premium insurance policy is just the thing for you then.

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Didn't make a Health Insurance claim this year? Worry n…

A health insurance policy is a critical piece in the overall puzzle of a family’s personal finances. A claim free year does not mean that the money goes down the drain. These covers should be treated as pure risk covers where the return is peace of mind of having secured family’s financial position.

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Group health insurance vs Individual health insurance

Though both Individual and Group Health Insurance Plans provide similar coverage, they do differ in various aspects, such as cost and customisation.

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How life insurance premium differs from a smoker to a non-sm…

How a smoker ends up paying high insurance premium than a non-smoker. Have a look at how insurers evaluate their policyholders based on their condition.

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Key factors that determine car insurance premium in India

The premium you pay to receive insurance cover differs from car to car, owner to owner. Here are the crucial factors that come into consideration when the figure is being decided.

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Secure future parenting – a close look at child plans

With a variety of child plans to choose from, your children’s dreams can soar, and their educational and financial needs can be fulfilled. Here’s how to choose the most suitable plan for you.

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Understanding how student travel insurance works

Given the high cost of medical expenses in developed nations, having appropriate insurance cover is a must for students travelling abroad for education and exploration alike.

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Unhappy with your insurance policy? Here are your options

It is far better to cancel the policy that does not meet your needs than to be under an illusion of being insured and be at sea if and when an unfortunate event strikes. Here’s how policy holders can take control of their insurance policies.

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What is IDV and Why Insured Declared Value is Important?

Before you buy a car insurance policy, it’s important to know exactly how its premium is calculated. Understanding the IDV is the first step in doing so.

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