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Bollywood dads: What their take would have been on money?

Let’s find out what the iconic Bollywood baapus would have said about all-things money.

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Are subsidies good or bad for India?

Does India need subsidies? Yes, if the poor benefits

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6 practical ways to keep yourself updated on Money matters

Spending some time and little bit of money to stay updated on personal finance is an investment in itself. You’ll realise the return of this investment when you save yourself from costly mistakes and take more prudent financial decisions for your family’s financial well being.

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Why investing early is important?

Think it is too early to start investing? Here’s why you are wrong.

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Financial planning for beginners: A 7 step guide

Regardless of your age, gender, income or location- you need to financially plan for retirement. To take the complexity out of the process, we’re giving you a 7 step guide to a secure future.

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Employee savings set to reduce after proposed changes in the…

The proposed changes in the Provident Fund Act that stands to increase employee’s in-hand salary in the days to come

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Everything you need to know about the BHIM app

The BHIM app enables a range of cashless transactions through your bank account, mobile number, QR code or by creating a unique digital identity.

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Large Scale Benefits Announced to Boost Export Sector

All you need to know about the recent announcements made by the Finance Minister aimed to boost the export sector.

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Prosecution for Delay in Deposit, Income Under-Reporting and…

The CBDT relaxes the prosecution norms for three common Income tax offences in a bid to ease the non-compliance stress on common taxpayers.

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8 New rules and regulations you need to take heed of from Se…

To ensure you are abreast of all these different rules, we bring to you a collated list.

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