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7 Compensation claims you can make to salvage a bad customer…

The RBI has taken measures to make banks and other financial institutions accountable to their customers. Read on to find out how you can claim compensation from financial services providers, including the income ​ta​​​x department, for common discrepancies.

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Payday loans: The next big thing in India’s consumer debt ma…

A source of quick funds, this new debt form is very convenient but also comes with a number of downsides.

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What is lifestyle inflation and how does one financially pla…

If you feel you’re falling prey to lifestyle inflation, here are five remedial actions to combat this silent wealth diminisher.

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6 Financial benefits of minimalism

Minimalism is more than a trend; it’s a mindful way of life that can help you deal with money better.

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Economic slowdown: 8 Dos and Don’ts of personal finance

Don’t let the coronavirus outbreak make you anxious to the point of inaction. Instead, think strategically to reduce its blow on your finances.

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How to make the most of online financial calculators?

Find out how financial calculators can help address important financial questions and supplement our decision-making process.

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Dealing with debt: Tips to ease the impact

The pressure of the ongoing pandemic on personal income and national economy is huge. Here’s how you can sort out your finances.

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5 Money mistakes to avoid once the lockdown is lifted

You’ll need to be more strategic with your money moves once the pandemic is over if you wish to stay in the pink of financial health.

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Recession in India: How does it impact personal finance?

Recession negatively affects economic growth as well as an individual’s goals. The world has seen some deep recessions over the past few decades. Stock markets, trade, inflation, interest rates, are all inter-connected and hence they all affect individuals in some way or the other.

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Planning to activate netbanking? Here’s what you should know

A cheat sheet that equips you with information to securely manage netbanking

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