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You can save tax with tax loss harvesting! Here’s how

Tax-loss harvesting allows investors to offset the losses from a sale of poorly performing investments against the gains from those doing well

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6 Financial benefits of minimalism

Minimalism is more than a trend; it’s a mindful way of life that can help you deal with money better.

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How to be on the right side of debt?

Living in debt has become a way of life. It's time we changed that!

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Financial planning for beginners: A 7 step guide

Regardless of your age, gender, income or location – financial planning is a must for retirement. To take the complexity out of the process, here’s a 7-step guide to meet your financial goals

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Why investing early is important?

Think it is too early to start investing? Here’s why you are wrong.

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How goal-setting helps plan your finances

Planning your finances will help you secure your future

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What is lifestyle inflation and how does one financially pla…

If you feel you’re falling prey to lifestyle inflation, here are five remedial actions to combat this silent wealth diminisher.

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6 practical ways to keep yourself updated on Money matters

Spending some time and little bit of money to stay updated on personal finance is an investment in itself. You’ll realise the return of this investment when you save yourself from costly mistakes and take more prudent financial decisions for your family’s financial well being.

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P2P lending 101: What is it and how do you go about it?

Peer-to-peer lending can be an excellent way to leverage your savings or get a loan without a good credit score. Read on to find out how.

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How does your employer profile decide your loan eligibility?

Apart from your credit history and score, your bank also used your employer status to decide your credit worthiness in determining your eligibility for a loan.

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