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How to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on your reti…

The economic aftereffects of the pandemic will be felt long after this is over, and this brings to the fore the need to reassess savings and retirement plans on a war footing. This article addresses all types of retirement planning needs, whether your retirement milestone is a long way ahead or just around the corner. More importantly, it gives insights into adopting a cohesive strategy to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your retirement corpus, and touches upon the financial instruments that can help you get back on track for an idyllic retirement.

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Retired life in India is evolving. Is your financial plannin…

Retirement these days is about travelling the world and doing everything you missed out on while you were busy with your career. Here’s how to plan for it.

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4 Alternatives to fixed deposits that give senior citizens a…

To benefit from above-average returns, senior citizens must diversify their investments. Here’s why.

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Retirement tips for small business owners

A small business owner has to separate personal and work life, and secure both financially in a well-planned manner.

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Types of retirement account: Which one is best for you?

Consider opting for one of these retirement plans to ensure a comfortable retired life.

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7 Investment plans for senior citizens that offer high inte…

A look at safe saving and investment instruments for senior citizens that promise healthy returns.

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Why retirement savings must be treated as a marathon and not…

Here are six reasons why saving for retirement should be like preparing for a marathon.

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11 Financial mistakes that Indians commonly make

We Indians have traditionally been conservative about money. We love to put away our money under mattresses, in almirahs and what not. But this also makes us lose our money. Find out how.

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Debt-to-asset ratio: the right balance for a comfortable ret…

Increase your solvency, free up money from debts by lowering your debt-to-asset ratio and use the saved sum to create retirement funds for a secure life.

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Financial planning for beginners: A 7 step guide

Regardless of your age, gender, income or location – financial planning is a must for retirement. To take the complexity out of the process, here’s a 7-step guide to meet your financial goals

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