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Can you invest in mutual funds in your child’s name?

Opening a mutual fund in a child’s name by way of investment can be a good way to secure their financial future.

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What are sectoral and thematic funds, and which one should y…

What sectoral and thematic funds are all about, and the ones performing best this year.

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When to sell your mutual fund investments: A quick guide

Check out these six reasons that justify exiting from your mutual fund investments.

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Here’s how you can invest in mutual funds for different goal…

You can leverage mutual fund investments to meet your financial aspirations in a structured and timely manner.

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New Fund Offer (NFO) All you need to know about this first-t…

NFOs can be a secure investment for investors. Read on to know why.

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5 Short-term investment plans for those who don’t have a fin…

Investors can create a risk-adjusted, short-term investment portfolio by incorporating different instruments across the yield and risk spectrum.

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SBI discloses IPO plans for its mutual fund unit

SBI may choose the IPO route for yet another of its entities, SBI Mutual Fund, which is expected to raise massive capital for the company

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Regular plan or direct plan: Which mutual fund option is bes…

A small fee can get you professional advice and safeguard you against uninformed decisions while investing in mutual funds.

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How to invest in direct mutual funds?

Making mutual fund investments via a ‘direct plan’ allows you to save on commission and increases your investible value.

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How to choose an equity mutual fund

Here are some parameters that you need to keep in mind while choosing a mutual fund scheme.

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