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Budget 2022: Five Sectors that Received a Big Boost

From digital finance to defence, find out which sectors will benefit the most from Budget 2022.

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From Digital Rupee to Extended ECLGS, All That's New i…

Nirmala Sitharman's fourth budget is balanced with a focus on economic growth and development, the adoption of digital currency, and an emphasis on mental health.

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How the Markets Reacted to Budget 2022

5G rollout, crypto tax and focus on growth. Budget 2022 gave stock market more than one reason to cheer.

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Announcement regarding cryptocurrencies and other digital as…

Digital currencies have been brought under a tax framework in this budget, and an RBI-issued digital fiat currency is in the making.

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Budget 2022: Why pandemic-hit India needs a hike in the tax…

In India, health insurance feels like an added expense, and hence penetration of non-life insurance stands at as low as 1 per cent. This, despite the pandemic. To encourage more and more people to invest in health insurance, income tax exemptions under Section 80D should be increased in Budget 2022.

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5 Crypto predictions for India in 2022

Experts say Indians will continue to embrace crypto in 2022 despite RBI concerns.

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Should India ban or regulate cryptocurrencies?

Considering the huge investments made by Indians in crypto, it may be too late to ban them. We discuss why India should regulate cryptocurrencies.

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Initiatives by the Indian government to boost startups in In…

Indian government has launched various schemes over the past few years to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and startups in the country. Read more

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Union Budget 2021-22: List of schemes announced by the FM

Find the major proposals, launches, allocations, and schemes declared by the FM in the 2021 Union Budget.

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Highlights of Union Budget 2021-22

Terming 2021 as a milestone year, the FM presented a socially inclusive and growth-focused budget.

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