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Slide in rupee can impact forward travel bookings: Here…

If the rupee’s downfall continues, bookings in the upcoming year will slow down further. Read this in detail

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5 Situations your travel insurance can come handy

Don't believe that travel insurance is possible? Here are 5 instances when it can come to your rescue.

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Going on a vacation? Here are some common scams you might en…

It's easy to become a victim of travel scams, especially when in a new city or country. Pay close attention to these dubious scams and avoid getting ripped off

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7 Must-have things for a frequent traveller

All smart travellers know that there are certain things they must take with them to ensure their journeys are enjoyable, safe and stress-free.

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Types of travel insurance coverage in India

It’s not just the cost of medical care that travel insurance covers, but all sorts of unfortunate situations like loss of baggage, flight delays and need for legal aid. Read on to know the types of coverage you should ask for.

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4 things to know about senior citizen travel insurance plans

This article tells you everything you need to know about insuring your parents or relatives when they come visit you abroad.

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What is Medical Travel Insurance and when should you pay hee…

Not everyone buys travel medical insurance when travelling abroad. And they don't know what they are risking by doing so.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance Why Its a Must For Frequent Trav…

Travelling abroad frequently can leave you needing more cover than other people. This is where multi trip travel insurance comes in handy.

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Best Destinations in India for every budget

Choosing a travel destination to travel in India boils down to your preference and budget. Fortunately, there’s a destination for everyone.

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Travel insurance exclusions in India

No insurance policy offers absolute coverage. All travel insurance plans exclude specific events and risks from coverage. You should know these exclusions to avoid complications when filing claims on your travel policy.

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