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How health insurance needs are changing in the post-COVID er…

Post COVID, there is an increase in overall awareness about the importance of health insurance. People who already have health insurance are reviewing it to either increase the cover or upgrade to a policy with additional features.

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Unique features offered by different health insurers

Most health plans offer special sops, but do some research first!

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All that you wanted to know about co-pay and deductibles in…

People often get confused between co-pay and deductibles. Read on to understand the differences between both.

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3 Features of new age health insurance plans in India: innov…

Standalone health insurers have designed products that go the extra mile to meet consumers’ needs. For a policyholder, such plans deserve a look as they can provide much wider coverage at almost the same cost.

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4 situations where you’re better off not lodging a health in…

In a few situations, the option of not lodging a health insurance claim can be a better way out in terms of the cost and time involved.

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How to claim health insurance

Claiming health insurance while you are unwell can be a real hassle, but following these steps can make the process a lot easier.

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