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How NRIs can grow their wealth in India

The Indian growth story is attracting investments from many NRIs. Even during the pandemic India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) grew by 10% in FY 2020-21 to touch a record $81.72 billion. Predominantly, the ease of doing business is attracting investors to India. This article throws light on the various investment options for NRIs in India. It gives in-depth information on investment tools such as term deposits, mutual funds, equities, National Pension Scheme (NPS) and real estate that can help NRIs create wealth.

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Ditch the ‘milestone mentality’ to grow your wealth

The COVID-19 pandemic is rewriting people’s approach to investment. From a milestone mentality, they are now shifting to a more agile tactic to enable wealth creation. This article throws light on how investing as early as possible has evolved into investing in new-age asset classes. Also, rather than focus on earning more from their core job, people are now looking at making money from a side hustle.

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All you need to know about Unit-Linked Health Plans

If you want a health insurance cover with the option of generating market-linked investments, ULHPs are the answer.

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6 Effective formulas to help you with wealth creation

It can seem daunting to start your wealth creation journey. However, there are myriad formulas that can help you through the process. No one formula can do the trick, but a unique blend based on your objectives and profile can help you structure your approach. This article summarises some of the effective formulas that can take you closer to your goals.

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4 Simple tips to build wealth for the long-term

Developing the savings habit early, together with patient investing, can make you wealthy

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Give yourself the magic of compounding

How do small amounts invested regularly grow in value over time and help you achieve your financial goals? The answer to this question is compounding.

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Investment Instruments to kick start a Prosperous New Year

Diwali- it’s that time of the year to make new plans and start new beginnings. So, here are some tips to help you kick-start your plans for a wealthy and prosperous new year.

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