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How is dividend income taxed?

Confused about the tax implications of your dividend income? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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6 Income sources that do not attract tax

Have a look at six income sources on which an individual doesn’t need to pay income tax.

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Your guide to understanding capital gains in India [Part 2]

If you own agricultural land in the countryside, you can sell it and not be charged capital gains tax.

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How is capital gains tax calculated?

If you are planning to sell that old house your parents left you, you will be taxed.

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How to register for professional tax?

All that you need to know for registering for professional tax

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Here's why over-diversification in your portfolio tends…

Know why over-diversifying one's portfolio can result in reduced returns

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Section 80E can help you save tax; here's how

Section 80E allows for the interest paid on Education Loan to not be taken as part of taxable income. See how Section 80E is a boost to education.

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What are tax-free bonds and how they work

Here’s everything you need to know about tax-free bonds and how to choose the best bonds to add to your portfolio

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Understanding Advance Tax: Are you liable?

Advance tax is a part of tax payable before the end of the financial year. In other words, tax paid in the same year in which you receive your income. This piece will tell you everything you need to know about advance tax

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Why tax planning alone won't make you rich?

While it is important that you invest in tax-saving schemes; but do not look at these as mere tax-saving schemes.

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