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Be mindful of these tax implications if you’re planning to d…

Here’s a look at some popular investment options, and the corresponding tax rules you need to be aware of.

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9 Investment options and their tax benefits

Choosing the right investment can give you great returns over the years, and reduce your taxable income.

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9 Financial products and their tax benefits

As a taxpayer, every person is allowed to legally reduce their tax liability to the fullest extent. With some smart planning, you can create your financial assets as well as save on tax.

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What is tax loss harvesting?

Finding ways to reduce your tax load is on everybody’s scheme of things. Check out how investors can reduce their tax liabilities by harvesting loss.

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Your guide to understanding capital gains in India [Part 2]

If you own agricultural land in the countryside, you can sell it and not be charged capital gains tax.

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Professional tax: Most frequently asked questions

Professional tax – What is it? Why is it levied? And what are the questions that are most frequently asked by people concerning professional tax all over India?

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Section 80E can help you save tax; here's how

Section 80E allows for the interest paid on Education Loan to not be taken as part of taxable income. See how Section 80E is a boost to education.

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Financial deadlines you need to be aware of in 2020–21

There are some deadlines coming up in the next few months that should influence your tax planning objectives

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Deductions available under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act

Have a look at all deductions available under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act

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Why tax planning alone won't make you rich?

While it is important that you invest in tax-saving schemes; but do not look at these as mere tax-saving schemes.

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