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How tax loss harvesting helps you check your capital gains t…

Tax loss harvesting is a strategy that investors are legally allowed to adopt to reduce their tax liability from selling an investment at a loss, and using this capital loss to offset any taxable capital gains made on equity.

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Know how to maximise your HRA benefits and save tax on rent

Find out how you can save taxes on rent paid through HRA, even if HRA is not included in your salary structure.

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How to claim HRA exemption while staying with parents or rel…

How to deal with the dilemma of comfortably living in your family home while claiming HRA exemption

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Looking beyond tax savings: How ELSS funds can help you atta…

ELSS funds often work as a tax-saving instrument but they can also be used to save money and attain your financial goals.

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Taxation on mutual funds and what you should know about it?

Gains from mutual funds have an aspect of taxability to them. Here’s what you should know.

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Aadhaar linking with PAN now mandatory for filing Income Tax…

The Supreme Court’s ruling makes linking of PAN and Aadhaar mandatory for filing IT returns. How this linking is done and why it is necessary, along with the effects and the provisions of the Act it relates to.

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11 Financial mistakes that Indians commonly make

We Indians have traditionally been conservative about money. We love to put away our money under mattresses, in almirahs and what not. But this also makes us lose our money. Find out how.

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What are tax-free bonds and how they work

Here’s everything you need to know about tax-free bonds and how to choose the best bonds to add to your portfolio

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Everything you need to know about the GST return forms

The dust has more or less settled down on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with people becoming aware of its broad implications. Now come the questions on the ‘hows’ and the ‘whens’.

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6 Income sources that do not attract tax

Have a look at six income sources on which an individual doesn’t need to pay income tax.

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