debt and equity

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How to be on the right side of debt?

Living in debt has become a way of life. It's time we changed that!

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Types of mutual funds and how to start investing in them

While investing in mutual funds is a smart decision, proceeding without a proper understanding of the various types of mutual fund products is not advisable. Gilt funds, ELSS, Treasury Bill funds — explore the various options at your disposal before deploying your hard-earned money into your investments.

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How is asset allocation linked to retirement planning?

Creating the right retirement plan is not just about being disciplined about money. How you finalize your asset allocation strategy will ultimately decide whether you will have a financially secured life after retirement. Combine prudence with flexibility to come up with the right asset allocation strategy for your future.

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Using mutual funds to plan for and fund your child’s educati…

Inflation in education related expenses is expected to increase faster than average inflation. This means that depending on debt instruments to plan for your child’s education needs even 20 years before time, is no longer a feasible option.

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Investing in Equities- Identifying the Best Plan for Your Fi…

Confused about where to invest? Get to know the right plans for you!

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Fact: equity investments are always more profitable in the l…

Do you believe that equity is too risky for you? Here’s a close look at how profitable they can be for you in the long run.

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SIPs for Dummies | Meaning of Systematic Investment Plan

A SIP involves making a systematic investment of small amounts for a long period of time. This plan is the simplest option for individuals seeking wealth creation with risk mitigation.

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Lessons on investing from creating a cricket dream team

Investing is like a game of cricket. The hard work lies in choosing your options in line with your risk profile & financial goals and once you’ve done that, you just have to stay calm and enjoy the game.

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Had a rough financial year? Here’s how to bounce back in 201…

If you had trouble keeping your finances afloat in 2016, here’s some advice on getting back on track this new year.

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