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Home loan vs HRA: Which offers higher tax savings?

This is how you can avail of tax benefits under HRA and home loan for the purpose of tax saving.

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Different ITR forms you should know about

ITR last date, who should file, disclosure in the forms income tax department specified instructions, amendments to forms

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Income Tax Returns: Who should file them and when?

Filing income tax returns is a must for any responsible citizen earning an income. Here’s what you should know about when to file tax returns and who has to file income tax return.

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Taxpayers to pay penalty and risk losing tax benefits if ITR…

The deadline for ITR filing has been extended to 31 December 2020. Failure to comply will attract penalties as well as forfeiture of some tax benefits.

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Professional Tax: Everything you must know about it

Do you know what Professional Tax is? Your salary slip may be a Professional Tax deduction every month. Here’s why.

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Government leveraging data analytics to catch tax evaders

Government leveraging data analytics to catch tax evaders

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Explainer: Income tax notices and what they mean

Look at various intimations and notices a taxpayer can receive under different sections under the income tax

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Tax exemptions and deductions that remain available in the n…

Despite 70 exemptions going out of the picture, there are several tax-saving devices still up for grabs. Yes, tax planning is still relevant!

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Income Tax returns deadline extended; penalties await late f…

While the due date for filing of Income Tax returns has been extended, let us look at the consequences of a delay in filing and incorrect disclosure of income

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Deductions available under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act

Have a look at all deductions available under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act

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