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9 Important documents you will need while buying a house

Process and documentation when buying a house

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5 Budgeting mistakes you should stay away from in 2020

Deciding to budget for the new year is the first step towards healthy finances. The next step is doing it effectively.

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5 of the world's most expensive auction items

Owning a piece of history is an exhilarating feeling — a guide to the most expensive purchases made at an auction, setting world records.

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6 Financial lessons to learn from Indian dads

He held your hands when you took your first steps; as you start adulting, who better to teach you how to manage your money effectively than your dad

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Financial planning before important milestones: Marriage

There are few events quite as exciting as one’s wedding, and with so many memories and so much happiness at stake, it’s essential to plan well for the big day.

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Financial planning before important milestones: Childbirth

The birth of a child is an extremely happy event. To make sure that nothing comes in the way of this happiness, it’s essential you plan out your finances well before the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

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