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Effective ways to budget when your income is low

It can be difficult to save money on a low income. However, don't let a low income stop you from reaching your savings goals! Here is how you can budget with a low income.

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5 Ways to make money in addition to your steady job

If you want to have an extra income along with the job you have, you can either start freelancing or blogging.

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How I made money during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020

Manan Vyas, a financial expert, narrates his story on how he took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and how he turned this crisis into an opportunity. It also explores how he strategically invested in stocks and other investment options to stay afloat. He offers tips on what the future holds and how one can make money going ahead.

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4 Ways to set up a new income stream

Having a second source of income is no longer a cushy backup plan; it’s the need of the hour. Here’s how to action it.

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Can high income alone help you become rich?

You could earn lakhs every year but if you don’t strategically manage your money – save, invest, and spend wisely – then you may still be poor to someone who earns thousands but handles their money well. The differentiator between rich and poor is not income but watching your expenses, keeping an eye on your debt, managing your investments and thinking long-term.

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What is a passive income portfolio and how to build it?

The right investment choices can help generate passive income even while you sleep!

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Income tax in India: An interesting history

While Manusmriti laid down the overall principles of taxation from the ancient times, the Income Tax Act of 1922 was a comprehensive law that today’s regulations draw heavily from.

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Everything you need to know about reporting income from inve…

There are seven income tax return forms spelling out earnings you should tell the government about.

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7 Ways to diversify your income sources

Wondering how to become a millionaire? Include these 7 income streams in your portfolio.

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Simply decoding: Discretionary v/s disposable income

Discretionary and disposable income may seem the same but are essentially different.

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