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India has become a startup hub and is the third-largest star…

We often come across news items on various platforms on how an individual made mega returns on their start-up investment. It makes us wonder whether we can also make such returns on our investments. The answer is yes, we can – through angel investing. In this blog, we will understand how you can become an angel investor and ascertain the right types of businesses to invest in, along with the risks involved and the potential returns.

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Indian startups that achieved unicorn status in a short time

In April 2021 alone, six Indian unicorn startups achieved the coveted milestone.

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Budget 2020: What's in it for startups and entrepreneur…

While, in Budget 2020, the stimulus package did not materialise, it does offer hope for SMBs reeling under a credit crunch and slowing demand. Read on to know more.

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Budgeting, Bootstrapping and Bartering tips for startups

Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into a venture? Is the fear of going bankrupt holding you back? Things to know about mastering the start-up formula.

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