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Auto-debit rules for all card-based transactions to change f…

Customers will have to re-register all debit and credit card linked standing instructions.

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Retail Direct Scheme: What you need to know about this schem…

Many investors wish that they could buy and sell Government securities directly rather than doing it through debt mutual funds. The RBI has decided to fulfil this wish of retail investors and has taken a step in this direction by issuing guidelines for the Retail Direct Scheme. By opening a Retail Direct Gilt (RDG) account, you can buy and sell Government securities on your own.

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How the RBI’s latest monetary policy review affects FD inves…

Term deposit investors could lose out on returns if they do not claim maturity proceeds in a timely manner.

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TDS rules, IFSC codes, cash withdrawal, and cheque book char…

If you have not filed your Income Tax return in the last two years, you may end up with double tax deductions.

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RBI gives digital payment apps a boost: ATM cash withdrawals…

Do you know RBI has allowed cash withdrawals via payment apps and prepaid cards? Know its new incentives for payment providers

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RBI okays 24x7 RTGS and raises contactless transaction limit…

Two important measures coming out of the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee will ease retail as well as institutional payments.

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Here’s what you need to know about the new RBI rule for cheq…

The RBI is introducing ‘Positive Pay’, a method to prevent cheque payment fraud

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RBI policy decisions: Repo rate untouched, gold loan increas…

RBI makes policy changes to manage current fragile macroeconomic and financial conditions

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RBI extends EMI moratorium till Aug 31: What you need to kno…

RBI directed banks across the country to defer loan EMIs until 31 August 2020. What does this mean to you as a borrower?

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New ordinance brings cooperative banks directly under the pu…

The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 will safeguard the interest of about 8.6 crore cooperative bank depositors across the country.

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