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Now get all your EPFO-related queries addressed through What…

EPFO has launched a WhatsApp-based helpline-cum-grievance redressal mechanism that is available across its 138 regional offices.

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8 Situations in which you can withdraw your PF early

Although the premature withdrawal of EPF is restricted, there are situations under which you can withdraw from your PF corpus.

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Budget 2020: Here's how taxation on Provident Fund will…

A look at the important direct tax provisions introduced in Budget 2020.

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Opening a PPF account for your child? Here’s what you need t…

What is the minimum age for opening PPF account? How to open PPF account for minor? Who can open PPF account? All your questions answered here.

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Employee savings set to reduce after proposed changes in the…

The proposed changes in the Provident Fund Act that stands to increase employee’s in-hand salary in the days to come

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How to withdraw your PF online

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on withdrawing your PF online

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5 things you need to know about VPF

Understanding the specifics of Voluntary Provident Fund has never been easier.

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Here’s how you can claim your EPF money

Did you know you can withdraw from your EPF account? Know what makes you eligible to claim the money.

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All you need to know about PPF Scheme

Here are some important parts of the Public Provident Fund scheme which you must know about

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General Provident Fund interest rate lowered by 7.9%

As the rate of interest on GPF is slashed, learn more about GPF and the changes in interest rates over the years

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